Join the DC Film Society

(valid December 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019).

The DC Film Society works with local ad agencies to acquire passes for preview screenings of films that occur before the films are released to the general public. We are predominantly invited to "word of mouth" screenings of independent and foreign language films with small marketing budgets to help spread the word about them, and occasionally to press screenings of other more well-known films to be an enthusiastic audience. We notify members of screenings via our email list-serve and our website. We distribute passes, first-come, first-serve, one hour prior to each screening to ensure passes do not go unused.

Other membership benefits include:

  • Ticket discounts for FilmfestDC in April (the only discounts offered during the annual festival).
  • Storyboard, the monthly Film Society newsletter - keep up to date on Film Society, Filmfest DC and other local film events.
  • Discounted admission for our annual AND THE WINNER IS... Oscar party and the Summer (May) and Winter (November) "COMING ATTRACTIONS Trailer Night".
  • Vote for the best films of the year around Oscar time in member-only BEST OF voting.
  • Other discounted admissions for local film and theatre events.
During the past membership season, DC Film Society members enjoyed over 100 preview screenings, many of which included Q&As with directors, actors and writers. GOLD members also enjoyed over 20 additional preview screenings. Check the Screenings and Events page for what's ahead.

Membership Levels

Limit of two membership cards per person; each card valid for one person.

Individual: $19 (for six months December 1, 2018-May 31, 2019).
Receive notice of all BASIC preview screenings (screenings for which we have more than 50 admissions).

Individual: $32 (for six months December 1, 2018-May 31, 2019).
This membership level is capped at 300 members. Receive notice of all BASIC preview screenings, as well as additional GOLD-only screenings (screenings for which we have fewer than 50 admissions). For each GOLD membership, you'll also receive a free ticket to the AND THE WINNER IS... Oscars Party and a free ticket to the Spring 2019 "Coming Attractions" Trailer Night.

Pay for your membership with Paypal. (NOTE: You do not need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal; you may use your credit card).

If you want your second membership card under a different name and e-mail address, please fill in the additional name, address and e-mail in the "additional e-mail" section on the PayPal form. HELPFUL HINT: This message box only appears AFTER you have clicked the "review" button.

Paypal fees are included in the amounts below.

One Basic Membership: Six Months $19.00
Two Basic Memberships: Six Months $32
One Gold Membership: Six Months $32
Two Gold Memberships: Six Months $57.00
One Gold, One Basic: Six Months $50


To purchase a membership offline, please send an email to the membership department and request a member application form.

Lost Your Membership Card?

Never fear! If you are a member and have lost your card, you may get a replacement.

1. Order through Paypal: (fastest method)
Replacement Membership Card: $5.50